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4th Regional Workshop of the GIAHS Project in São Mateus do Sul

In partnership with the Observatory of Traditional and Agroecological Erva-Mate Systems CEDErva participated in the 4th Regional Workshop of the GIAHS Project "Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems" on March 17th, in the community of Pontilhão, municipality of São Mateus do Sul. 🍃🧉

The Workshop continues the agenda that aims to promote meetings and share collective actions among the GIAHS community, composed of registered agricultural families, a team of technicians and researchers, associations and partner institutions in the project with the communities of family members in which the erva-mate is managed. The meeting also had the participation of students and teachers from Colégio Est. do Campo Prof. Eugênio de Almeida talking about the importance of young people being included in spaces that discuss the future of the rural environment, the alternatives and different ways of doing agriculture and especially, knowing more about the agroecological production of erva-mate!

In addition to the presentation of the project and discussions of the actions carried out in the communities, there was also a speech by Anderson de Lima, President of SINTRAF-SMA, demonstrating to young people how unions are organized and how important they are in defending the rights and interests of local, regional and national family farming, for the construction of public policies that meet the needs of these families!

In the afternoon, those present could visit the Andrianchyk family's property, farmers with a traditional erva-mate system!

We thank the communities of Pontilhão for the participation and engagement of representatives, Colégio Est. do Campo Prof. Eugênio de Almeida and the Andrianchy family for attending the 4th GIAHS Regional Workshop!

Photos: Brenda Rotter / Equipe CEDErva.


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