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SIPAM project starts installation of reference properties in Center-South Paraná

Last week, the SIPAM project technique Ana Wenglarek was in the field with André Lacerda, researcher of Embrapa Florestas, starting the installation of reference properties in three properties of farmers signatory to the SIPAM Project.

The objective of the fieldwork was to install forest and erva-mate (yerba mate) production monitoring plots. The survey considers the growth of trees, the regenerating species, the management used by farmers and the erva-mate (yerba mate) cultivation system.

The production systems of erva-mate (yerba mate) and their forests are diverse. In some properties, the presence of bracatinga (Mimosa scabrella) is more intense, while the araucarias (Araucaria angustifolia) and imbuias (Ocotea porosa) stand out in others.

Farmers observe their forests and choose which species should be encouraged, "The interesting thing about regeneration is to show that the forest does not end in the trees that already exist. Farmers are concerned about the continuation of the forest cycle, just as there are adult trees that are dying, there are trees that are starting their cycle now!" comments the technician, Ana Wenglarek.

We thank the farmer Lídio Karpinski de Rio Azul, the Kosloski e Silva family of São João do Triunfo and the Wenglarek family of Faxinal do Emboque in São Mateus for receiving the work teams!

Photos: André Lacerda.


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